Friday, September 13, 2019

Gun Control Debate.


  This may come as a shock to you, but, there is a problem with firearms in the United States. I know what you must be thinking, "What? There's no problem. Lets go buy more before the democrats come and take them away from us."
  Its exactly that way of thinking that has driven me to the point of writing this post. It's no secret that you US. Constitution states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
  I could go on a democratic rant and try to break down and interpret those words to create a false narrative that would attempt to persuade you of my views, but I will not. Instead what I will do is tell you what I think, and why I think it. 
  First let me lay out some information. We here in the USA have more guns in the hands of our citizens then we have actual citizens. Its true. Look it up. Second, we have an abundant amount of mass shootings going on right now. Also true. Third there is a lot of violent crime all over the nation. There is no one demographic responsible. It's not a race, sex, or nationality thing.
  The argument, as I understand it, is if we expand background checks it could lead to a gun registry. If we have a gun registry, that could lead to gun confiscations. Then we are infringing on the rights of the people. 
  Something has to be done.
  31 people in the month of August 2019, and died in Mass shootings. That was just 2 shootings. The government just sits by and does nothing because the are afraid to infringe on people's right to bare arms. 
  The majority of these shootings have been with the use of a weapon called the AR 15. This gun in my mind serves no real purpose other then to waste money on bullets and target practice. You can also waste more money by buying higher capacity clips witch hold more bullets, and a device called a bump stock for turning a semi-automatic weapon into a automatic weapon.
  It is this combination that was used in Las Vegas where Stephen Paddock killed 58 and injured 422 people who were attending the last night of a country music festival. Paddock had 14 - AR-15's all with bump stocks, and 12 of them had 100 round clips. He also had 8 - AR-10's , a blot-action rifle and a revolver. 
  Just think how many lives could have been spared if one of those three ingredient was banned (AR-15, bump stock, high capacity clip).  The laws are too vague. People will search out the loopholes of laws just to exploit them. Its been going on since the creation of our country. That's why we need to redefine gun control. To close the dangerous loopholes and prevent disasters like the Las Vegas shooting. 
  Listen, I understand, we have the right to own guns. I myself don't have one, but I use to hunt when I was a kid. I can see the thrill of just shooting at a water bottle from 50, or 100 yards away just to see if you can hit it. I have no problems with owning handguns for protection, or rifles of hunting. My argument is; why do we need assault weapons? Why do we need weapons made for a military like setting?
  To me assault weapons are what the military, or a militia should use. Not common Americans. You can't really hunt with them very well. They are too big and bulky to just carry around for protection. They draw all kinds of unwanted attention to yourself. You can keep your rifles and hand guns, just get rid of the assault weapons, or at least the attachments that make them deadlier. 
  If your one who is just buying and stockpiling these weapons because some day the government might try to come and take them away, well essentially your stocking arms against the government at that point. But hey, that's your right to do. In the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse, though, you will be a real asset to Rick Grimes. 

Saturday, August 24, 2019

New Site and Plan

A Brand New Site

  It was time for a change. I had a vision with Cranky Place that I just don't have the technical knowledge to implement. The idea was to create a new social media platform where people could just go and complain about what ever they wanted to. A place to whine about stuff. I was using a pre-installed script on a website hosting site that allowed me to make this. There were problems of course. Sometimes the site would just stop working, sometimes the script would fail due to software changes and make the site look weird, and I was plagued by bugs. The biggest turn off that I had were all the advertisers I was getting to the site. I probably had about 50 members but 42 of them were just people, or bots, that just created a profile so they could write and advertisement and never return. This annoyed me to the point I gave up with it. 
  Now its time for a new vision. I have setup an email address Here you can email me your complaints to be wrote about on here or Twitter. I will probably complain with you, and voice my own opinion on the subject as well. I may even search the internet for ways to respond. 
  I am even considering creating a YouTube channel where I did the same things but on video. Either way this is the new format for Cranky Place. I hope you follow on Twitter and join in the comlaining.